Raynes | 12 months

The 12 month mark has come and gone– as has the time. Now that the little man is approaching his 13 month (ouch) benchmark, I realized this post is past due.

Here are your latest stats:

Height: 31 inches   (85th percentile)
Weight:  22 lb 14 oz   (50th percentile)
Head Circumference: 47.9 cm   (70th percentile)

Favorite Foods: Bananas, blueberries, chicken, croissants, strawberries, applejuice, cinnamon toast with cream cheese, and the ever staple- goldfish.


Demeanor: You are still sweet and easy going, until you get hungry. Hell hath’ no fury like a hungry boy. You could care less about your room full of toys, much preferring opening cabinets, moving tables and touching anything you can put your hands on. The toilet bolt covers are still a favorite, as is your bottle drawer (the only one without a child lock- ran out), and of course the toilet… finally, your sisters have learned to keep that lid shut.

So much for keeping your ’12 month’ sticker on your shirt…

Mobility: Goodbye crawling Raynes, you toddle and waddle everywhere now. You even know to slide off the couch, legs first. Don’t know how you learned to do that.  Either way, you are fast.

Firsts: You like to wipe your highchair (making your mama proud), talk on the phone, and say “bye” in an extremly deep and manly voice.

Sleeping: You nap in the mornings, and again in the afternoon. You go to bed at 6:45 pm and sleep 12-13 hours. I love that you are a good sleeper, it may be the only thing that keeps me sane.

Physical Appearance: Your hair is growing long, and it is straight. Slightly less ginger’ish in appearance you are still our little snap.       Your feet grew from a size 3 to a 5 overnight and you have finally graduated to a size 4 diaper (barely).                                                                                                


The fun just picks up full speed from here, I can tell.


Forest Fires

Last week managed to kick my butt, and I seem to still be recovering from a crazy week. Kenley’s first grade class traveled to a not-so-nearby State Forest. The Rangers explained the benefits of controlled burns and how they found ‘Smokey’ the bear when he was just a cub.

I had to leave a little (okay, a lot) early to relieve the little guy’s sitter, only to send Kenley into full on tear mode. She used every line she could think of, “Why did you even come if you just had to leave early.”  And my personal favorite, “I bet Mary Cate’s Mom wouldn’t leave early.” Pow.

Daddy is carving a rather large pumpkin in the kitchen, and it sounds as though the girls have abandoned him to finish the job. We have a week full of candy, parties, and a little heart check up for good measure. Please Lord, let this week be a tensie bit less chaotic.


Mike and I are planning an overnight get away. We haven’t been anywhere without children, in over a year. I know this because being at the hospital when I delivered Raynes was the last time we were without kids. Trying to leave town is almost a joke with the amount of coordination it takes. Truly, it’s insane. The planning, packing, list making, emailing, driving, pre-meal shopping, confirming, booking, and organizing. One sound machine goes here, the stuffed animal with the floppy ears there.  Throw yourself a sick child, 12 month shots (2 pediatrician trips in two hours), part time job, misc. meetings and you’ve got yourself a grand ol’ week.
We are farming out the children to three different places, the animals to various locations.
Here is an example– the email I sent to our family that is helping out.

Dear Family,
Being the Type A that I am, thought I would send a note reminding everyone of their “assigned Robinson child” for tomorrow.


Will pick up the girls from car pick up tomorrow at 2:50 pm. I have emailed their teachers (and copied you) letting them know. I will leave my  car decal in my mailbox for you to grab on your way to school. Please give it to Kenley when you are done to put in her bag, and return to me. She is my little Type A child (no clue where she gets that from!). Britton has swim practice from 3:15-4:30. She will have her swim bag with her.  You can drop them both off at Meme/Deborah’s house by 5:00. Their address is 2525 Apple Court

Sara Britton

Britton is spending tomorrow night with you. I will bring her bag to your house today. Please pick her up tomorrow afternoon from Meme’s house. On Saturday, you can drop her off at my house any time after 10:00 am. Mary will be there from 10 on. Because I know you will ask, Tucker is being boarded in Eastgate for the weekend.

Meme {and a little bit of Deborah too- he he}

Janet will bring Kenley to your house tomorrow afternoon between 4:30 and 5:00. I will pack some food for her, so you don’t have to worry about what to make her. Sara Britton will be picking up Britton from your house Friday afternoon- she is spending the night with SB. I will bring Poochie by tomorrow between 12 and 1:00 on our way out of town. Will be sure to send her special bag o’ food.


Raynes will be at my house with Mary tomorrow starting at 1:00. I told Mary that you would probably pick him up by 4:00, but there is no rush. I will have his red LL Bean packed, and in the hallway. He left his snuggie bunny at your house last week, so it should still be in his crib. And yes, I will email you his “schedule” if you still need it. Will also pack some food for him, since you are just getting back into town. He goes to bed at 6:45 so you get the easy kid this go round. On Saturday, please pick up Kenley from Meme’s on your way to my house. You can drop off both Raynes and Kenley at 10:00, which is when Mary will arrive. She does have a house key if you are running late.

Phone numbers/ Gate Code:

 Janet: 473-0215
Sara Britton: 588-2802
Meme: 868-3007
Deborah: 580-2032
Mom: 898-0202
Dr. Koeppel: 877-3256
Gate Code: 3259778

You have to stop and think, “is it all worth it?”

And the answer is, yes.
Hell, yes.

Baby Hanley

Already a transcontinental traveler, sweet baby Hanley came to town for a 24 hour visit this weekend. Oh my, what a beautiful little thing. These boys are really growing on me, who knew they could be so precious.  Love this little guy!



Talk about a perfectly round head!