The girls spent some time recently with my 10 year old cousin, Jillian. This confuses some people, how my first cousin could be the same age as as my children. Well, when you Dad is one of 8, and all of those children “went forth and prospered” you end up with 16 first cousins (with one more on the way- and that’s just Dad’s side of the fam)…  and 15 cousins-once-removed {my first cousin’s children}.
Dick, Karol Ann, Boone (my Dad), Kris, Clay, Kelly, Kurt and Katia.
And here I thought having three children were a lot.
It helps that my Aunt Kelly and Uncle Mike {6 children in total} live just down the road.  Kenley takes piano at their house so she gets weekly visits lessons there. 
My Dad once told my Mom that one day when he became a grandfather, he wanted to be called Daddy Boone, since his grandfather was called Daddy Bill. My Dad didn’t get to live to be a grandfather but I keep pictures in our house of him, and I tell the girls stories about their “Daddy Boone”. I love it when they are around “Daddy Boone’s” brother’s and sisters because I feel like they get to see and hear little pieces of their grandfather through his siblings.