Energizer Bunny

If I had to point to the one, single most difference between my two girls and this baby boy, it would be the energy level. This little guy goes non-stop during the 9 hours of awake time each day.  Constantly turning his head to check out his surroundings, I am all but about to give up on my quest for him to “give Mama kisses”.   Most times, when we hold him in our arms, Mike and I are hard pressed to even have his blue eyes look at us, because he is too busy rubber necking around the room.

Enter his Nana, mother of two boys herself. Little Raynes must know that she has this whole boy thing down pat. The other night she scooped him up, and he laid his little head on her chest. Laid on her chest! What?! This is usually reserved for the rare, middle of the night wake-up-crying so Mama rocks him times. We have never seen him sit still long enough to snuggle.
He sure does love his Nana. Can you tell?

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