Forest Fires

Last week managed to kick my butt, and I seem to still be recovering from a crazy week. Kenley’s first grade class traveled to a not-so-nearby State Forest. The Rangers explained the benefits of controlled burns and how they found ‘Smokey’ the bear when he was just a cub.

I had to leave a little (okay, a lot) early to relieve the little guy’s sitter, only to send Kenley into full on tear mode. She used every line she could think of, “Why did you even come if you just had to leave early.”  And my personal favorite, “I bet Mary Cate’s Mom wouldn’t leave early.” Pow.

Daddy is carving a rather large pumpkin in the kitchen, and it sounds as though the girls have abandoned him to finish the job. We have a week full of candy, parties, and a little heart check up for good measure. Please Lord, let this week be a tensie bit less chaotic.