Into the Mind of Britton

Girl swap. That’s what us Moms call it when we swap little girls for a sleep over. My friend has three girls, the oldest two are the same ages as Britton and Kenley, and in the same class. One thing I have learned is that it is often “easier” to have the girls at home if they have a friend over. When I say easy, this would mean they play together (no sibling fighting), craft for hours (give mama peace and quiet), spend time in the backyard pretending to tend to their white {play} house, and of course, dressing up Poochie.
Friday night, Britton spent the night with her friend Emily. According to our contact {aka, Emily’s Mama}, they spent three hours in the back yard collecting sticks and leaves.
A fairy house, made entirely from leaves, was the final product.

She asked me to be sure to get a picture of the inside

For all the time I manage to have my camera strap on my shoulder, ready to go, I could kick myself for not having a gotten a photo of Britton with her matching American Girl Doll. Matching as in, Britton made her doll a shirt to match her floresent Justice shirt and braided theri hair the same way.
Oh how I wished I had taken a picture.

The latest Britton’ism is her fourth grade optional science project she is working on. Of course, she opted to do it. When it comes to science, my brain doesn’t know what’s up or what’s down. I referred her to her scientific Pops for help. Big Daddy is co-chairing the project as well. I think the title is something along the lines of “Filtration: Is bottled water as clean as filtered water”. There may be some homemade filtration test being built too. My science projects were more along the lines of
Which brand of microwave popcorn pops the most kernels.”  And every year my Dad would have a plaque made, because let’s face it, I never won.

Other happenings:

Aunt Coco and Aunt Shea shared some recent pictures of my other babies- Downing adn Maysie. Adorbs! If you live in the Atlanta area, you can find photography information HERE.