Swimsuits and Ribbons

Swimmers, on your block… Get set… Go!
It’s been almost three years since Mike and I have sat in the stands cheering on our oldest. She had a brief soccer playing stint in the first grade, and since then dabbled in horseback riding, brownies, piano, acting, and ever-so-briefly tennis lessons.  Last spring, Sassy had another one of her “it came to me while I was sleeping” moments and decided Britton should be on the swim team.
After two months of swimming lessons swim technique training, she made the team. We packed up the stroller, camera bag and snacks and took our seats in the surrounding bleachers, ready to cheer on our girl.
Always cool under pressure, Britton wasn’t nervous in the least. She pulled down her pink goggles, toted her Costco Speedo and dove in for the “25m fly” {that’s swim lingo, folks- I’m learning}.
It was my first swim meet, ever, and I for one loved it. It is very methodical with specific events, that are timed. The goal is to beat your own time at each race.  I love this. Swimming on a team, but competing against yourself.  Maybe I should have been a swimmer instead of a cheerleader. Note to self for my next life.

Her cheering section

Following in her Aunt Shea’s footsteps, this one is quiet the competitor. She swam down her lane keeping an eye on each side of her. As soon as she hit the wall, the offical timer stopped the stop watch to record her time, the first question out of her mouth was, “Did I come in first?” The green Participation ribbon that each swimmer received assured her that yes, she did.

Aunt Shea would have been proud of our little competative B.