Maybe I am just partial, but I think every girl needs a sister.  These two can go after one another like cats and dogs. Arguing over who rode with the remote last, whose turn it is to take the dog out, and tattling over who hit who first (always an “accident”). But when they decide (and make no mistake, it is a decision) to get along, there is nothing more sweet than watching these two enjoy one another’s company.

Inventing craft projects, sibling sleepovers, acting out plays, swinging in the backyard, playing for two hours in the playhouse, decorating the Christmas tree together, taking bubble baths together, riding bikes, helping each other with homework, and my favorite- being respectful of one another.

Don’t worry Mom, Kenley’s mouth shut in time. I think.

Yep, when these two get along it melts my heart and I wonder at what point they will realize just how lucky they are. Do they know that when they grow up, they will rely on each other for advice (you really should tell her no), the truth (um, those boots should have been donated to Goodwill three years ago), and reassurance (she may be sick now, but you will get through this). Really, there is nothing more dear than sisters.

Except maybe a little girl and a brother.

Parenting At Its Finest

As parents, we win some, we loose some. I had the following Customer Support Live Chat with a Picaboo representative last night:

You are now chatting live with ‘Osprey’
Your Issue ID for this chat is LTK12129070385963X
Osprey: Hi Garret. How can I help you today?
garrett: I typed my child’s wrong age on our Christmas card and need to change it. How do I do this?
Osprey:  you need to make the changes to the project that you have, and then place another order. We would then refund the new order.
garrett: will do, thanks a lot for your help.
Osprey: No problem. You should have the email now.
garrett: k, thanks. Next time, I will remember how old my kids are!
Osprey: Ha ha very good.
One hour and several laughs later, the moral of the story is, remember how old your kids are. It’s a total pain to change 100 Christmas cards after the fact. In my defense, I was only off by one year.

Here are a few “outtakes” from our attempt at our-children-are-happy-well-adjusted-and-photogenic-photo-session.

He’s thinking, “ain’t nobody got time for that.”

And he’s back.


Christmas Craftiness

I woke up feeling crafty today… and I have a little Christmas project in mind for these photos (and a few more). Gonna run with it while the juices are flowing.

Google’s Picasa 3 has some new, cool editing options. I changed the photographs to black and white, then chose the ‘vignette’ option to make them appear older.

Give Thanks

With the last of the turkey sitting in the fridge, I thought I’d post a few photos from Thanksgiving. Mike and I had the bright idea to host it at our house this year. As we were Windexing windows, basting a turkey, mopping the floors and wiping noses, I wondered if I had lost my mind volunteering such a thing. Mike and I mumbled under our breath that we would never volunteer again. But when it was all said and done, we smiled at one another and said, “let’s have it here again next year.”
There’s just something about celebrating the holidays with your babies in your own home.

A whole lot to be thankful for.