Dear Reader

A “Britton-ism” at its finest.

Below is the email that she composed and she sent. It appeared in my inbox, along with several other family members.

Hi! It’s almost Christmas so, I made a list and I have 7 things on there and 7 of you. Hint Hint. If you like to buy any of them for me, ToysRus is the place. As you can see I like monster high.
                           Yours truly,

And here is the attached list.

My Christmas List

Dear reader,

   The things below are the ONLY things I want for Christmas.

v Monster High doll- Purrsephone and Meowady (Come in one pack)

v Monster High Skull Shores Doll – Lagoona Blue

v Monster high doll – Venus McFlytrap

v Monster high party doll – Operetta

v Monster high doll – Robecca Steam

v ANYmonster high doll(s)!

I love all the dollsjust as much as the the first