Down Time, Take 2

I’ve gone and bought myself some more storage through Google… let’s try this again.
Aunt Coco and Downing paid us a little visit on Sunday….. The boys, at first, could have cared less about playing with one another- or even acknowledging one another for that matter. Oblivious to the bond that their mothers have had for over three decades… 4th grade babysitting club, primping for our first middle school dance, adjusting the cap for high school graduation, college roommates at not one, but two universities, bridesmaids in each others weddings, and now God parents to each other’s children.  It took a few minutes….


But the Godbrothers eventually got there. They must just have known that they, too, will have a special bond.


I think this is my favorite photo from the day…. because it captures what it’s really like to wrangle a two year old boy.  We all need a little time out every now and then.