Here a Kens, There a Kens

Not to be forgotten, a little yellow chick-a-doo recently performed in her first grade rendition of, The Little Red Hen.

Our star chicken was surprisingly happy to be front and center once again. She recently quit ballet because she didn’t want to perform on stage at the year-end recital. The only way she would agree to piano lessons is if she didn’t have to participate in the recitals. Go figure.

We’ve visited “Doctah Anna” at her office again this week- with an ear infection, fever and cold this go round. Kenley is perfectly happy to miss three days of school to hang out with her Mama. How this kid remains so happy all the time is beyond me- she literally skips from point A to point B just happy to be doing her thing.
Kenley has been giving much thought recently as to what she wants to be when she grows up. Because, we should have that figured out by age 6, right? She has finally decided on a career. She would like to be a Mommy, but if she really has to have a job than she aspires to work at Books A Million one day.  So there you go.