Math, Movement, and More Brain Power

Goggles on tight, excited to start, Britton swam for one hour straight yesterday in her swim team’s Swim A Roma. This is an event to help raise funds for her swim team by getting donors to donate money for each lap she swims.
My little Olympian swam 62 laps in just 60 minutes- without stopping. I am not on the Mini Mu math team like her, so I had to do some calculations. {Britton was one of 15 children in her school that made the competitive math team. No clue where she gets this from, it certainly isn’t from me.}
That would be “45” minutes completed… crazy, right?
That is 2500 meters and over one mile! A  9 year-old swimming over a mile non-stop. Holy fitness! All I could think while I sat on the edge of the pool cheering her on, is I sure should have jogged a little further that morning.  It appears that not only does she love it, but I need to stop quietly complaining about the never ending driving back and forth to the pool for practices. It has paid off.
She and her Daddy are knee-deep in their science experiment as well, “Does Chlorine really clean water?”  Get ready folks if you have younger childre. These science projects are no joke- experiences, data logs, hypothesis, conclusion. That is not the side of the brain I typically use, thank goodness for her Daddy and Pops.

Proud of her. Impressed by her. I am both.


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