The last page of the baby chapter, in my ol’ worn out book, has been turned. We have begun an oldie but goodie chapter entitled The Toddler Years.

Raynes is walking everywhere now. He’s a miniature bulldozer. Running, slipping, tobbling, then up again on both wide, stocky feet and on his happy way.

Think it’s time for his first real haircut. I took my sewing scissors to him a few weeks back, and I think I may have created some rat tail action in the back. Any tips for little boy haircuts? All I know is layers, bobs and stacked do’s.

He is into everything. I can remember trying to work from home when Britton was 12 months old, and realizing immediately it was darn near impossible. Quickly, I enrolled her in a church preschool in combination with a Nanny (and a Sassy) in order to get my hours in for work.

Raynes is now 12 months old, and I am back in the same balancing boat of time management. Only now I am testing the line between sane and crazy by trying to take care of three children, working on several different small jobs that need weekly/daily computer time, doing the 2+ loads of laundry that our family seems to create each day,  pack lunches, snacks, drive carpool, after school activities four days a week, volunteer, get groceries, pay the bills, help with homework, school folders, clean the house, cook,  etc. I realize that for a mom who works full time outside the house, this stuff sounds quite trivial and perhaps small minded. But let me tell you, lots of kids and a walking baby boy ain’t no joke and lately I have found myself envious of those that can leave their house in the morning and arrive a quiet desk for an entire 7 hours. What I would give to have 7 hours at my computer.
I have recently discovered that 5:00 am to 7:00 am are untapped hours. The crown jewel of the entire day. This is when I can wake up, pour some Archer Farms Hazelnut coffee and shake my hibernating computer to get some serious stuff cranked out. Extending the hours in the morning and at night seems to be how most moms get things done. All I can think of, at the end of a busy Monday, is that mothering has to be the toughest job. Can’t call in sick and you sure can’t quit.
Not to leave it on a such a Debbier Downer note, I am not remiss to the three wonderful blessings that are products of this constant labor of love. Even if their Mama feels like she lives in a constant state of exhaustion.

Happy Halloween!