Down Time, Take 2

I’ve gone and bought myself some more storage through Google… let’s try this again.
Aunt Coco and Downing paid us a little visit on Sunday….. The boys, at first, could have cared less about playing with one another- or even acknowledging one another for that matter. Oblivious to the bond that their mothers have had for over three decades… 4th grade babysitting club, primping for our first middle school dance, adjusting the cap for high school graduation, college roommates at not one, but two universities, bridesmaids in each others weddings, and now God parents to each other’s children.  It took a few minutes….


But the Godbrothers eventually got there. They must just have known that they, too, will have a special bond.


I think this is my favorite photo from the day…. because it captures what it’s really like to wrangle a two year old boy.  We all need a little time out every now and then.


Down Time

The third child may get away with a lot more (a little Pop Tart for breakfast never hurt anyone. Oh, he might have tried McDonald’s french fries yesterday…), but definitely less play dates. 
That all changed this weekend when Aunt Coco’s son Downing came to visit, his matchbox cars in tote.
Oh crap, when I clicked a photo to upload, I’ve been told that I am out of space.  I am currently using 100% of my1 GB quota for photos. Geez Louise, and here I was about to ramble on about Thankfulness and what not.
Best go figure out how to remedy this little sit’iation. A picture-less blog isn’t so fun.
Happy Gobble Day!

Raynes | 13 months

Sweet. Curious. Happy. Little. Fast. Smart.

This is how I would describe little Ruh nay nays at 13 months.

You weigh 23 pounds. I know this because I took you to see “Auntie Anna” this morning for a double ear infection. A first. You have been so sweet, without so much as tears that only your Mama would have known something was wrong with little ginger.

Favorite (new) foods: lasagna, sausage and grilled cheese.

Demeanor: Nothing has changed, sweet sweet sweet. You wake up happy and go to bed happy. I am enjoying this while it lasts.

Mobility: You are running and always on the move. We can hardly catch you and have to keep the doors shut to every single room because that curosity of yours can be quite messy.

Firsts: First sentence: Bye Bye Da Da. Still waiting for you to say my name.. perhaps when you are 6? You could care less about television although you may have broken a record and watched it for a solid 5 mintues this month. Another first.

Sleep: I am loving that you are still napping twice a day and sleeping 12 hours at night. With all your running around it’s no wonder.

Physical Appearance: Aunt Britty says you have a mullet and need a cut, but your Daddy and I like it long.  You cut another bottom tooth this month, you now have 8 total (four on top, four on the bottom). Your body is long and lean although I do believe I saw some cellulite appear on your fanny last week. Still in size 3 diapers but I buy you size 4 to boost your confidence.

“What a long, strange trip it’s been.” 

Dear Reader

A “Britton-ism” at its finest.

Below is the email that she composed and she sent. It appeared in my inbox, along with several other family members.

Hi! It’s almost Christmas so, I made a list and I have 7 things on there and 7 of you. Hint Hint. If you like to buy any of them for me, ToysRus is the place. As you can see I like monster high.
                           Yours truly,

And here is the attached list.

My Christmas List

Dear reader,

   The things below are the ONLY things I want for Christmas.

v Monster High doll- Purrsephone and Meowady (Come in one pack)

v Monster High Skull Shores Doll – Lagoona Blue

v Monster high doll – Venus McFlytrap

v Monster high party doll – Operetta

v Monster high doll – Robecca Steam

v ANYmonster high doll(s)!

I love all the dollsjust as much as the the first

Here a Kens, There a Kens

Not to be forgotten, a little yellow chick-a-doo recently performed in her first grade rendition of, The Little Red Hen.

Our star chicken was surprisingly happy to be front and center once again. She recently quit ballet because she didn’t want to perform on stage at the year-end recital. The only way she would agree to piano lessons is if she didn’t have to participate in the recitals. Go figure.

We’ve visited “Doctah Anna” at her office again this week- with an ear infection, fever and cold this go round. Kenley is perfectly happy to miss three days of school to hang out with her Mama. How this kid remains so happy all the time is beyond me- she literally skips from point A to point B just happy to be doing her thing.
Kenley has been giving much thought recently as to what she wants to be when she grows up. Because, we should have that figured out by age 6, right? She has finally decided on a career. She would like to be a Mommy, but if she really has to have a job than she aspires to work at Books A Million one day.  So there you go.