Sprinkles on a Sunday

My not-so-little nephew was sprinkled with some baptism water recently. At four months, he now officially weighs the same as his 12 month old cousin, Ginger. I am looking forward to getting Whit’s hand-me-downs.

Mike and I had to teach Sunday school the same day- he listened to the sermon on the radio. This picture just makes me laugh, I don’t know why.

AB can often be found perched at the table, all by her lonesome.  A full casserole within arms reach….

Speaking of church, Mike was asked to speak at Laity Sunday this morning. The topic was “Disciples Transforming the World.”   Mike spoke about one of our many church community outreach programs, the Clothing Connection.  He was nervous for sure, but knew that if Britton could do it, and me, then so could he.   My favorite part was when he said, “…from my children’s perspective, volunteering at the Clothing Connection was about the “getting to see the big smiles on people’s faces”   For me…..it was the tears of joy on mine while I got to watch them do it!  He did great!