The Unexpected

Something that you don’t get everyday is unexpected good news. Bad news, yes. Good news, not so much. But that’s just what happened yesterday when we took Kenley to Shands Congenital Heart Center for her yearly heart check up.
Anticipating a grateful, but uneventful report, we were both thrilled and relieved to learn that the small hole in her heart has grown back together.  Kenley doesn’t have any holes in her heart anymore!

She asked if we could celebrate. Her choice: gas station icee and candy. But first, a Starbucks stop.

I told my Mom, who drove over with us, that I didn’t realize I had been holding my breath for the past 5 years, until I let out a noticable exhale. This is exactly what we had hoped for when she had her open heart surgery in 2007.   Since it had yet to close, we accepted that the likelihood of it closing independently was small. Not a big deal, her life would function pretty much like any other kid- but Mama Bear, of course, would always have that little hole in the back of my mind.


Not anymore! While most parents prefer to tell their children that they are “special” it gave me immense joy to tell Kenley yesterday, as we were holding hands almost skipping to the hospital parking garage, that she is “just like everybody else.”  To a 6 year old that is more anxious and aware of herself and her surroundings, I could almost see her confidence rise before my eyes. Just like everybody else, she said out loud to herself in her sweet little voice.
God is good.


Kenley will continue to see her pediatric cardiologist every year. She was quick to ask  wonderful Dr. Wallace, her awesome pediatric cardiologist, why that is.  He explained to her that since she had heart surgery he would want to check on her every year so he could listen to her heart and take some pictures.  Not to mention, he believes that he is her favorite doctor and she should want to visit him every year.  Physicians in pediatrics are the best. I love how they know to speak to the patient, albeit a child, and not just to the parents. Kids can pick up on this and when doctors do this, I am here to tell you it builds a trust between the child and their doctor.

Incidentally, we will be attending a local fundraiser this evening, which will benefits Shands Hospital for Children in Gainesville.

God has a great sense of humor. I am sure He took great pleasure watching our faces in the examination room when I realized my wish has just been granted, even though I had all but surrendered that hope a long time ago. Thankfully, He didn’t forget.


You can read more about Kenley’s little heart by clicking “healing Kenley’s heart” on the sidebar.


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