You Can’t Make This Stuff Up

In keeping with the theme of chaos, here is a recap of my day so far. Keep in mind, it’s only lunchtime.
Set my alarm for 5:30 am so I could work on the computer. Raynes, of course, decided to wake up early  voiding my early rise entirely. Picking him up from his crib for a routine, good morning hug, I noticed an unmistakable stench. Someone (um, me) must have put his diaper on lopsided last night because a big ol’ poop was laying in his footed pajamas next to his one-side-attached diaper.  Lovely.
This meant an impromptu bath at 6:20 am for little Raynes.  Didn’t I just bathe him last night? When I open the fridge to make his bottle (yes he still takes a bottle, and I don’t care with the AAP says) I discover that our refrigerator and freezer have ceased working. No need to heat up the bottle, it’s already warm.

Heck of a way to have to clean out your freezer

At 7:50 am I call the Appliance Repair Man and ask them to come by as quick as possible, since all my groceries are melting before my eyes. Good thing I went to Publix last night to stock some rotting food. They assured me he would come as quick as possible, and noted that he would not arrive at 11:15 am when I leave to go pick up Raynes from the Nanny, LegitLindsey. Like clockwork, the doorbell rings at.. yep, 11:15 just as I am loading bags of half frozen ice cream and luke warm milk into my Yukon. Seriously?
I have two options, I can ask him to come back later (not a chance) or leave him at my house alone while I run get Raynes with a car full of luke warm groceries. I’ll take my chances- mama needs some cold whole milk.
Leaving the he-looks-like-a-nice-man alone in the house, I head to my sister’s house to get the baby and call her to see if it would be okay for me to drop off some groceries in her fridge. Not enough room, she says. And she is right. Do I leave the he-seems-like-a-nice-man alone even longer and drive further away to my Mom’s house to use her spare fridge before baby goes down for his 2 afternoon nap -leaving me stranded, or do I pray that he can actually fix my fridge while he is there and taked my chances and head back?  It’s the gamble of the groceries.
Sweet Sassy offered to meet me at my sister’s and load the groceries into her car and foster them at her house. Awesome. I head home, fridge is fixed (with only a $10 part too!) and baby goes down for a nap. The end, right?
Not quite. Keep in mind, it’s not even lunch time yet. I head into the laundry room to put the over-stacked washed clothes into the dryer. I notice a lot of raisins in the bottom of the washer, I begin picking them up with my hands and throw away in the nearby waste basket. I wonder how in the world his raisins made it into the washing machine?
Only they aren’t raisins. Remember the footed pajamas from this morning? Apparently I forgot to do the second rinse cycle….  lunch anyone?
It may turn out to be a booze day Tuesday, after all. That may depend on how the election turns out….. I hope your day is going slightly better. 

Lovely comments

  1. 2' says

    Just now reading this, so I guess it turned into a booze day Tuesday after the election. A boo hoo booze day Tuesday. Blah. ANYWAY- is it weird that the poop part didn’t shock and awe me? I guess Hayes’ “I like to poop diaper-less while in my crib all the time” phase has just numbed me to it. I assume you’ll be holding off on organic yogurt covered raisins for a few weeks!