15 Minutes

While on the phone with Shea this morning, she asked me what all the noise was in the background. “Oh, that’s just Raynes” I responded.  Did my usual sob story of what an active boy he has turned out to be. Shea assured me that one day I would miss this stage (doubtful) and suggested what I thought was a great idea.

She said to turn him lose for 15 minutes, follow him around allowing him to do ‘his thing’, and snap pictures. It was a long 15 minutes. Let me tell you, I kept looking at my watch, and although it ’bout killed me, this little turkey went from room to room (well, most of the doors were shut)… He managed.

Starting in the girls bathroom eating toothpaste. Yes, I realize the poison control phone number is on the tube.

He knows he isn’t allowed in the office.

Digging through the trash to drink remnants of old soda cans. 13 minutes left.

Wireless router. We’re back in the office. 12 minutes to go.

10 more minutes left. Wait, that can’t be right?!

Now into the kitchen to pull out everything from the one drawer whose child proof lock broke. Dammit. Can I say dammit?

If I were to take K’s picture during the 15 minute time – every frame would be this position. She stays put. 9 more minutes… surely he will stay put just a little longer to take in the scenery.

Ha. Wishful thinking. More power outlets.

Water break with 7 minutes to go. Checking out sewing machine and more drawers. Scram!

Into his ‘happy place’- Mama’s bathroom cabinets.

Throwing my hot roller clips into the tub. And into the  laundry hamper.

Oh my goodness. Please say he will eventually slow down. I am just too old for this.

15 minutes- there you go. Don’t even get me started on what the gal at the gym play care told me today about my little ginger.. She might have even jokingly suggested I take my membership elsewhere.



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    Bed time is a sweet sweet time of day. The older d has gotten the more daring he has gotten. Right now he thinks he can fly and launches himself off of various objects. The other day we heard him in the bathroom say “wow im so high!, buzz lightyear to the rescue!!!” And then off the counter he went into the wall. Sigh

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    Years off your life on a daily basis? Sadly, I now believe this when moms of boys tell me that. My favorite time of the day is 7:00 pm when I know he is contained for the next 12 hours.

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    You’ve got to love a little boy!! They are hell on wheels that is for sure! Did you see what davis did yesterday on instagram? Never a dull moment.
    He takes years off my life on a daily basis