Deck the Halls

One of the things I love about Christmas- is decorating the tree. Within the large, red plastic box marked ‘Ornaments’ are trinkets and treasures dating back to 1977. My mom has long since passed on most of our childhood ‘handmade’ ornaments onto us, along with the now-vintage ornaments we adorned our many trees growing up on Carriage Road. It takes me back in time when I unwrap the hand crafted wooden pig with ‘1982’ painted on the belly. Far from fancy, these little objects are what Christmas is all about for me. As parents, I think that is why we run around like crazy people – attempting to instill those same fond memories for our sweet babies.If I close my eyes, I can still picture how our house would light up every Christmas- with the smell of pine needles, candles, angels, white lights, and candy.

Since I use this tiny blog space to capture the every days of my little ones, I thought it only appropriate to capture some of our Christmas time- so that they too, don’t have to close their eyes, but rather turn the pages of their blog book, to be taken back to their childhood.

Yes, that would be a Ghostbusters shirt. Apparently, at age 7 Sassy let me dress myself.

Nativity set my mom gave us the year we were married.

New tradition: Sassy introduced the girls to a new way to celebrate Advent with a book-a-day. They love it- even more their than chocolate advent calendars. And that’s saying a lot!

I have saved every Christmas card since 2001. And every Christmas we pull out the old cards, because who doesn’t like to sort through old photos of family and friends, and watch how the babies have multiplied.

Found THIS TUTORIAL on creating photo glass ornaments. This one was from our trip to Colorado this summer.

Family Christmas Garland; Probably one of my favorite projects to date. Tutorial found HERE

The date found on the back.

Saw this at a friends house and had to recreate- all of our family Christmas cards on display, starting with a picture of just Mike and I, then one of Britton as a baby, Britton holding baby Kenley, and so on. 
May all our days this year be merry and bright!