Germs and Cheer this Christmas Year

Plan as you might, Christmas doesn’t always turn out exactly as you had thought.
With the onslaught of strep throat, flu, sinus infection, colds and some throw up for good measure— we were thrown a bit of a loop this Christmas. So much for the Christmas pajamas I had meticulously planned {Britton changed in the middle of the night into a stained, hot pink t-shirt and Raynes lost his special Christmas PJ bottoms that I had washed so he would have them on for pictures}, the perfect surprised and happy ‘shot’ in my head {camera malfunctioned}, and the ideal Christmas morning (Britton threw up and took to the bed leaving her unopened gifts}.
Instead of attending the candle light Christmas Eve service at our church, we went to the Minute Clinic at CVS Pharmacy. In lieu of the yummy noodle casserole that my Aunt Bunny makes at her annual Christmas Eve party, we ate cereal at home.

Mike and I were awake and open for business at 6:00 am but kids slept in until 7 while we drank coffee and watched TV, video recorder in hand.

The five minutes Britton was up Christmas morning. Cue the vomit.

Santa brought Raynes a new tool bench. Maybe that can keep his attention.

Annual sausage-egg casserole, almond coffee cake, OJ and fresh fruit breakfast– the show must go on.

Three hours later she made it to the couch to open gifts- including her {gently used} laptop. Between that and her colored, skinny years and new Toms- she may be officially a tweenager.

My Meme and my Aunt Deborahboth  tested positive for the flu and I am pretty sure my mom has it now too- she will be swabbed tomorrow. Mike is under the weather and Britton, Kenley and myself are all on some sort of antibiotic. ‘Tis the season for snot and Tamiflu for our family apparently. Merry Christmas everyone!