Get In the Picture

I read a great post recently, which pointed out something I had never really thought about.
“As a mom, we work hard to capture our kids’ childhood in photos. But when they look back at all the images of their childhood, will they see their mothers? Or will our presence simply be represented by the fact that someone must have taken the photos? Should’t we be capturing our motherhood alongside our children’s childhood?” The entire article can be found HERE.


I am challenging myself to “get in the picture” more times, than not. Twenty, thirty years from now, my children are not going to notice whether I had on under eye concealer or not, or whether my hair was in a ponytail with spit up on my shirt… they will, however, notice if I am absent. No where to be found in these zillions of photos I repeatedly snap of their little lives. Where was Mom?


Here I am. Here I am. I was here.

This past week has reminded everyone how fleeting life can be- and while I plan to be here to watch my children grow into beautiful adults, and then sit (yes, I want to rest by then) and watch their children grow into adults- a few photos along the way can’t hurt. 

In my defense, it was a charity event for Shands Children’s Hospital Hospital. Anyone that knows me knows I cannot turn down a good bull ride!

Um, I would have never survived college if smart phones had been around. No idea how this pre-game fun got caught on camera. If Sassy sees this I may have my steering wheel clubbed again.

We got dolled up for a girls date to the community theater last weekend- A Christmas Carol. We even capped it off frozen yogurt and Christmas lights drive. I have missed doing things with just my girls.

I’ve had to save this post. in draft form, for a while so I could scrounge up some pictures… as it turns out, it looks like quite the narcissistic post with all they have been compiled.

The girls getting me to leave the dirty dinner dishes on the table and walk on the wall with them. Not always easy for a Type A mama, but oh so worth it.

Thank you Jeneé for bringing this to my attention. I may have been too busy otherwise to have noticed.


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  1. 1' says

    I have hardly any pictures of me and my boy…im always the one with the camera. Your so right though they wont care what we look like but 20-30 years from now just to see that we were there is what will matter