Knowing When to Say When

Each year it seems the business of the Season creeps up earlier and earlier, as we pack more and more onto our calendars. It’s quite the task to balance tradition, solidarity, festivities, obligations, cards, shopping and constant going this time of year.
But we always make gingerbread houses. We always go to the Nutcracker performance. We always go to that party, my children remind me. I either hit my breaking point today, or hit break though today, not sure, when I decided that we can’t do a particular but-we-do-it-every-year event.
Britton was quick to resist, “But it’s only once a year.”
I lovingly retorted, “so is Advent. Shopping. Parties. Wrapping. Parades. Plays. It’s all once a year, they just happen to be all at the same time. We just can’t do it all.”
As I braced for the inevitable disappointment, the onslaught of mommy-guilt that was sure to come, I was pleasantly surprised when none of it surfaced. Nada. Zilch. She simply smiled, said “okay,” then moved on to her next thing.
I think my shoulders physically relaxed when I was able to take one more ‘thing’ off our calendar.
That’s what it is all, for us, anyway. A silent night, every now and then, is a beautiful thing.
My boys posing as my subjects while I tweak my camera settings.  I just noticed this picture. See, slowing down is good.
Please say a little prayer for my Meme. She fell last night and was taken by ambulance to the hospital for a broken hip. She had surgery today (her second broken hip) to repair and has a long road ahead of her. Especially for someone that has drank bottled water since 1972. Being in a hospital is likely more painful for her than her new titanium rod.

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