Michael Raynes | 14 months

Thanks to my oldest daughter who pointed out that today is Raynes’  14 month birthday. Happy day to you, my Little Tornado. Since the year is winding down, and Sassy will be printing this blog in book form for my children, here you are, sweet Raynes, at 14 months strong.


Favorite Foods: Apple Bran muffins, sweet peas, Applegate sausage, steak, ravioli, apple juice and oranges. Yes, you still get a bottle. Drink one as long as you like, little one.

Demeanor: Curious, observant, sweet, tough, intellectual. You are non stop. This is your personality, this is you.

Physical Appearance: I am guessing you weigh about 25’ish lbs now. You thighs are starting to fill out, finally resembling your Mama’s. It’s time for your first “real” haircut, but I’ve been putting it off because I don’t know how to instruct a barber. Or where to take you, for that matter. You will soon look like Nick Nolte if I don’t overcome this obstacle ASAP. You have Sasquatch feet- your first pair of navy blue Keds are a size 6!

Mobility: Two words- fast and furious. You stopped walking choosing instead to waddle quickly everywhere. You kind of look like you have been sitting on a horse too long and keep your arms out by your side (for balance I presume) but I won’t knock it because it gets you where you are going. And quickly, too.

Sleep: Love that you are still a fantastic sleeping- two naps a day and 12-13 hours at night. Bless you! Just like the Energizer bunny, you run around until your batteries run dead. Recharge, then back at it again.

Firsts: You clap on cue and wave your hand in front of your nose (like Mommy) when I am changing your stinky diaper.  I have made a half hearted attempt to teach you some sign language (for the word “more”) and lo and behold you made the motion for “more” this week as you were sitting in your high chair waiting for me to bring you seconds. Shame on me for doubting the ol’ sign language stuff. You babies are a lot smarter than us parents give you credit for.

I called a local preschool this morning to find out when registration for Fall will be.. It made me sad and happy all at once.


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    Try renegades barber shop by rummys. I have always taken d there, they do a great job. Sonja(i think that is her name…blond older biker chic looking lady) always cuts his hair. I just tell her no buzzer just the scissors and not too much off. :) she is as sweet as can be and has never messed him up!