One Big Happy {and Crazy} Family

My grandmother has 6 grandchildren and 7 great grandchildren- six of her ‘greats’ live in the same town as her. Her 8th great grandchild should arrive this winter, and he too will live just several miles away. How lucky is she?

Come on, I’ll introduce you to the family.

From left to right: Eli (18m), Allie Boone (23 months), Kenley (6), Raynes (13 months), Matriarch Sylvia (age unknown), Avery (3 1/2), Whit (5 months) and Britton (9).

That’s mom’s big sister, Dee Dee, with her grandson, Eli, who visited from “up north.” Either Dee Dee really sedated Eli, or he is a heck of a lot more calm than his cousin counterpart, RR.

Grandmothers resort to bribery much quicker than parents I think.

The 3 sisters with their 7 combined grandchildren.

From left to right: Gina, Deborah, Prissy

The Sassy line.

Crazy obviously gets passed on from generation to generation. Dee Dee had about 100 large Meyer lemons on her porch. Kenley put them to good use.

Meme has had this ‘statue’ for as long as I can remember. Finally, someone who can really appreciate it. Lemon, perhaps?

Maybe I am biased, but I swear Ginger is starting to look like he may just belong to me after all.