The Turtle and the Hare

On a chilly, whirly, dark and drizzly morning it’s not easy to get out of bed. I get that. But we have to anyway. Our children have two distinct personalities and it can be glaringly obvious in the mornings.
Kenley, tends to wake up quickly, with a stretch and a smile – like me.
Britton, needs a little more time to blink, breathe and slowly slide out of bed- like her Daddy.
Fair enough, we are all different and have our ways about us. But goodness, some mornings its like the Turtle and the Hare in our house. 
I’ve been trying to teach my children responsibility by putting an alarm clock in their bedrooms. We set it at night, and they are responsible for waking up in the mornings for school at 6:45 am (Kenley just got one this week, Britton has had one since age 8). The novelty of an alarm clock has worn off for B, and the girl either ignores her loudly singing KLove music, or doesn’t hear it altogether (I have a sneaking suspicion that it’s the first). When one hour passes and she is just now crawling out of bed, with 5 minutes to spare before we leave, it makes for a loud, chaotic and rushed morning. That ain’t fun for no one.
Mike suggested we start with withholding a portion of her weekly allowance if she doesn’t get up in the mornings- let’s just say she is less than thrilled about that idea since she feels she cannot help her lack of speed and discipline. Not sure what the best route is.  I often times find myself in these what-do-I-do situations with my first child, navigating these parenting waters for the first time. Dang, I wish I had a good GPS for this parenting expeditions.