With A Hanley Here and A Hanley There

One of the many fringe benefits of this joyous season, is visiting with dear friends. Not through the telephone or text, but the good ol’ fashioned way. Driving to them.
My oldest friend, Mary Heather {better known as Aunt Muffy to my girls} flew from Seattle with her infant son and husband who was in a wheelchair recovering from hip surgery.. and get this, on Christmas Eve. Talk about a brave new Mama! Sweet Hanley is 4 months old and as angelic as he can be. I am secretly hoping she forgets him at the airport this morning so I can swoop in and claim him as my own.

We went to my Aunt Bunny’s house for dinner with 6 children under the age of 9. I profusely apologized for the chaos but Aunt Bunny not only seemed unphased by it, but loved it. What are Great Godmothers for!

I practically grew up at Mary Heather’s house. Our parents were (and still are) best friends, and she and I spent many hours riding bikes or go carts in her yard, sunbathing on her roof, and writing things like ‘Garrett was here’ on her closet ceiling. What I love even more, is that when Aunt Bunny and Uncle Bill remodeled the bedroom, they repainted the closet but left the ceiling as is and the lovely pencil sketch intact.