Michael Raynes | 15 months

Welcome to 63 weeks!

Weight: 25 lbs
Shoe Size: 6
Clothing Size: 18 months

This is a very, um, how would I say… active age. He has managed to destroy most of our kitchen drawer locks, get on his very tippy toes to reach into the kitchen island drawers to pull out bottles, Tylenol, toothpaste, hairbrushes, spoons. Make a mad dash into sister’s bathroom for swiping of the toothpaste, or a quick wash of the hands in their toilet bowl. By the time I chase him away, he is now knocking over Poochie’s water bowl for fun (poor Poochie, I think she has been dehydrated for the last 3 months) and then running to repeat the entire process. Every day is something else.


Sleeping: Mama is ready for you to drop your morning nap- although I think you want to hang onto it just a wee bit longer. You are able to hang at night, while we visit with friends, if you must. But you still prefer to turn in at 6:45 for your night cap. A good 12-13 hours of recharging allows you to tackle the morning with caffeine free energy that can only be envied by those of us that need the brown stuff

Disposition: quiet, fast, sweet, cuddly at times, and loves to laugh.
Playtime: With a house full of toys, a broom seems to be an all time favorite at the moment. He loves spending two mornings a week with his cousin Whit (and Legit Lindsey)- those two boys have to stick together, even if they don’t look related.
 Portable phones, iPhones, iPads, remotes, keyboards… anything electrical seems to have a magnetic pull to little boys (or the other way around).


Communicating: It seems as though you understand more each day. When I tell you to sit down in the bath tub, often times you will. Why you would stand up in the first place is beyond me. You can sign “more” when you seated in your high chair waiting for more food.

Food: I hate to admit it, but you are a picky eater. Your latest favorite food is fried chicken. Bananas must have been a phase, and peas seem to more fun to play with than to eat. You, too, will be an avid multi vitamin eater like big sister Britton one day- because you sure are picky.
Playtime: You love to wrestle- who knew?  Taking
You are the center of attention ’round here. Enjoy it!