Michael Raynes | 15 months

Welcome to 63 weeks!

Weight: 25 lbs
Shoe Size: 6
Clothing Size: 18 months

This is a very, um, how would I say… active age. He has managed to destroy most of our kitchen drawer locks, get on his very tippy toes to reach into the kitchen island drawers to pull out bottles, Tylenol, toothpaste, hairbrushes, spoons. Make a mad dash into sister’s bathroom for swiping of the toothpaste, or a quick wash of the hands in their toilet bowl. By the time I chase him away, he is now knocking over Poochie’s water bowl for fun (poor Poochie, I think she has been dehydrated for the last 3 months) and then running to repeat the entire process. Every day is something else.


Sleeping: Mama is ready for you to drop your morning nap- although I think you want to hang onto it just a wee bit longer. You are able to hang at night, while we visit with friends, if you must. But you still prefer to turn in at 6:45 for your night cap. A good 12-13 hours of recharging allows you to tackle the morning with caffeine free energy that can only be envied by those of us that need the brown stuff

Disposition: quiet, fast, sweet, cuddly at times, and loves to laugh.
Playtime: With a house full of toys, a broom seems to be an all time favorite at the moment. He loves spending two mornings a week with his cousin Whit (and Legit Lindsey)- those two boys have to stick together, even if they don’t look related.
 Portable phones, iPhones, iPads, remotes, keyboards… anything electrical seems to have a magnetic pull to little boys (or the other way around).


Communicating: It seems as though you understand more each day. When I tell you to sit down in the bath tub, often times you will. Why you would stand up in the first place is beyond me. You can sign “more” when you seated in your high chair waiting for more food.

Food: I hate to admit it, but you are a picky eater. Your latest favorite food is fried chicken. Bananas must have been a phase, and peas seem to more fun to play with than to eat. You, too, will be an avid multi vitamin eater like big sister Britton one day- because you sure are picky.
Playtime: You love to wrestle- who knew?  Taking
You are the center of attention ’round here. Enjoy it! 

Springtime in January

We’ve had some crazy winter weather lately. To the tune of shorts, flip flops and air conditioning. I think my Japanese Magnolia may be a little confused as well. The flowers have started to bloom- in January!
When I became pregnant with Britton, at what now seems like a really young age of 25, it was pretty easy on my body. Gain a little weight, have baby showers (yes, that would be in  the embarrassing plural form), deliver a healthy baby, and then promptly loose the baby weight. Ta da! That’s how it done, I thought.  And yes, for many that is more or less how it goes. That wasn’t the case with subsequent pregnancies.
My sweet friends, Andrea and Erikka, gave me this Japanese Magnolia tree to plant after our second loss. And it was indeed a loss.
Thought it might not hurt as bad the second time. But it did.
So deep at the time I didn’t feel like I would ever recover. But I did.
I love how the bare branches grow tiny little pink buds. Those little pink buds morph into gorgeous fuchsia and white flowers. I don’t think about it very much anymore, preferring to focus on my blessings. But this little tree is here as a reminder. I find that comforting.  Thank you dear friends for my tree; you have no idea how special it is to me.

“Out of these ashes beauty will rise.”

The Michaels

I somehow managed to temporarily “fix” my blogger issues {by composing in HTML format, no fun}.  I think.

Not that I have fallen behind, because we haven’t done anything all that exciting, I’ll just post a few pictures that were snapped recently of what I have dubbed, The Michaels.


Nightly Devotionals and Fairy Dust

Some of the best heart to heart conversations that my daughter and I have had recently have been during our nightly devotionals. We use the book For Girls Only! Devotions which is age appropriate for a 4th grader and scripture based with examples on how to apply the lesson in our lives. 

Last night’s scripture was, “Gracious words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.” -Proverbs 16:24

After B read aloud the verse, simultaneously, we said, “I like that!” At a time when little girls can be mean to one another, God’s words ring true.

She is at such a tender age, with One Direction (band) posters taped to her walls, and a fairy hotel created from an old shoebox seated on her nightstand. The child has the tiny fairy door rigged with a small, silver jingle bell in hopes of hearing the fairy wings flying into her ‘Fairy Hotel’ at night.  Who wouldn’t want to stay on a ittie bed, with tiny handmade quilt and crowns made out of tin foil? Wasn’t she surprised when she found fairy had left some dust this morning!

Can you please stay 9 years old forever?

100 Things Series: Part 2

My plan was to spread the narcissistic posts over several weeks because, well, it just not very exciting. For the past couple days, either blogger won’t let me upload pictures or I don’t know what I am doing- because none of my files will upload. So for lack of nothing else better to post currently… the continuation of….

100 Things About Me… Part 2 {insert big yawn}

34. I’ve had three dogs in my life- Puddles, Pooh, and Poochie. They are my sweet babies and all have a special place in my heart. (Make no mistake- Tucker is Mike’s dog)

35. I have really small hands. And big ol’ hips. Not sure why God created me disproportionately, but I’ve got my health so I’ll shut up about it now.

36. I love home decorating. First thing I like to do when I get some spare change- is head to TJ Maxx and look for a little treasure for my home. Fabrics, paints, cool art, vintage glassware, furniture, arrangement, vignettes, back splashes, throw pillows- I love it all.

37. I make a weekly to-do list in a spiral-bound notebook and carry it in my purse every day. Love the satisfaction I feel as I cross off each item. I have probably 15 notebooks filled with crossed out lines. My mom laughs at this but it seems perfectly normal to me.

38. I wish I could be as confident a parent with my first born as I am with #2 and #3. I realize that confidence comes with time and I am exploring new waters every day with a first child. I still tend to second guess myself and need lots of second opinions, and thirds and fourths.

39. We almost named Kenley, “Kendall Grace Robinson”. I sometimes wish I hadn’t solicited opinions from others and named her Kendall (see #27). She could go either way for sure.

40. I had an amazing childhood with zero complaints- as I am getting older I realize that isn’t always the case and for that I feel extremely blessed.

41. I cannot go to bed at night until my house is clean, straight and ready for the morning- pillows in place, dishwasher running (preferably unloaded), coffee maker ready to go, counters wiped, blankets folded, lights off, etc. Don’t even get my started on my nigh time beauty routine that Mike STILL makes fun of.

42. My right eye twitches when I am overly stressed (#41 another culprit perhaps?)

43. My children are much smarter than I am- that’s really cool but also very scary.

44. I consider it a gift to stay home and take care of our children each day, I haven’t always been able to do this. This is a huge blessing from God (coupled with overflowing grace from Mike) and am truly grateful for this opportunity each and every day. Even if I do complain about it every now and then.

45. I think if you are going to paint your fingernails, then keep them painted pretty. Once they chip, it’s time to find your polish remover Nothing says tacky like chipped fingernail polish.

46. A long time ago, I was pretty good sketch artist using charcoal pencils. I mostly drew African American boys  – several of my drawings are hanging at Mom and Dales house. People cannot believe I drew them, and are more shocked to learn that I haven’t picked up a charcoal pencil in over 16 years.

47. I hate competitive sports and quit dancing once I made the competitive dance team. in high school. 

48. I have spent years highlighting my hair and have come to the realization that perhaps God’s color palette is better tuned than ours as I am finding my natural hair color suits me better.

49. I was a wild gal in high school and part of college. The expression is “sew your wild oats” I believe. I done did that.

50. God has always been a part of my life- church, summer camp, youth groups, bible studies, Christian friends- another aspect that I am finding should not be taken for granted.

51. I love, love, love photography and if I thought I was good enough (and brave enough) would do it professionally.

52.  I have a fear of heights.

53. And can lose my temper like a real Italian. Just ask Mike.

54. I think my Dad watches over my children. I can’t begin to count the number of times when they should have been injured but were spared. He is ever watching over his grandchildren, I believe.

55. I can’t remember how old I am. I am either turning 35 or 36, I honestly don’t know, and apparently don’t care because I haven’t bothered to do the math yet.

56. I don’t have many regrets in life, but I do wish I had spent more time with several grandparents and my Dad had I known that they would be gone so soon.

57. My favorite flower is a gardenia.

58. Growing up, I would admire my Mom’s beautiful jewelry as she was getting dressed for a “date night” with my Dad. She would notice and say, “Garrett do you like?” I would nod my head and touch her bracelet. With a straight face she would reply, “it will be yours one day when I’m dead” Seriously Mom. She thinks it’s funny and says the same thing to my girls now. Our family has a strange sense of humor I suppose!

59. My eyesight sucks. Folks with good vision don’t know how lucky they are. Contacts are a nuisance and time consuming.

60. I vacum my car at least three times a week.

61. I hate sweet tea and chocholate- this may make me a disgrace to many southerners.

62. Each time I visit the dentist for xrays, they remind me that I still have a baby tooth. Ironically, it is the very same baby tooth that my mom still has intact. Strange, huh?

62. My legs require shaving only once or twice a week- the hair is stunted or something. This makes my friend Andrea furious and she often reminds me of this when we’re together.

63. My Aunt Deborah taught me to sew when I was in high school. One of the first things I made was a T-shirt quilt, which my girls now sleep with.

100 things might have been a lofty goal. That’s enough for now. I am even boring myself. Please blogger, fix the dang upload function!