Springtime in January

We’ve had some crazy winter weather lately. To the tune of shorts, flip flops and air conditioning. I think my Japanese Magnolia may be a little confused as well. The flowers have started to bloom- in January!
When I became pregnant with Britton, at what now seems like a really young age of 25, it was pretty easy on my body. Gain a little weight, have baby showers (yes, that would be in  the embarrassing plural form), deliver a healthy baby, and then promptly loose the baby weight. Ta da! That’s how it done, I thought.  And yes, for many that is more or less how it goes. That wasn’t the case with subsequent pregnancies.
My sweet friends, Andrea and Erikka, gave me this Japanese Magnolia tree to plant after our second loss. And it was indeed a loss.
Thought it might not hurt as bad the second time. But it did.
So deep at the time I didn’t feel like I would ever recover. But I did.
I love how the bare branches grow tiny little pink buds. Those little pink buds morph into gorgeous fuchsia and white flowers. I don’t think about it very much anymore, preferring to focus on my blessings. But this little tree is here as a reminder. I find that comforting.  Thank you dear friends for my tree; you have no idea how special it is to me.

“Out of these ashes beauty will rise.”