It happened again. I forgot to pick up my children from school. Well, kind of. Technically, I didn’t forget altogether- I thought they were taking the bus home (even thought they never take the bus on Mondays) so I didn’t arrive at school to pick them up from the courtyard. Went down like this: Teacher calls forgetful Mama at ten minutes past pick up time, forgetful Mama profusely apologizes and races up to school, children snarl at their absent minded Mama, then laugh it off. Again. 

I thought a good title to this post might be Juggling Balls. Or perhaps, Balls in the Air. Neither seem quite appropriate, so plain ol’ balls it is. There are many balls I am juggling now- helping start a new company, making home updates, fundraising for a local non-profit event in a few weeks, researching how to evict a tenant that quit paying rent (well, not all are fun). Different projects that have been a long time in the making and all of which seem to be coming to a head simultaneously. It’s a little exciting and mostly good, but with that comes coordination, exhaustion, anticipation and of course, a big ol’ dose of stress. Thankfully, I began drinking red whine after Snap was born, so this does help The Twitch (yes, it is a proper noun I’ve decided).

Putting our chaos on the back burner (assuming I had a working stove in my house) here are a few recent pictures from… something. I cannot remember what but will know as soon as I sync my DSLR camera. A ha.. Mike and I snuck away for 24 hours this weekend, so he could cash in on his Christmas gift I gave him. A half day quail hunt at a nearby plantation. Gosh, living in the Southern Red Hills has been taken for granted for far too long. Throw in some fun friends, good southern food, beautiful weather, Tucker Mae and it was a nice little getaway.

View from our porch

See what I mean about good-time friends

Edited to Add: I received this email from Mike this morning, “Nice post….but …You began drinking wine, not whine”