Home Away From Home

As we near the two week mark of living with Meme, Aunt Dee Dee and Uncle Karl we have been enjoying the fringe benefits that come with being misplaced from our home.

Enjoying Dee Dee’s Meyes Lemon Trees…..

Taking advantage of having two school teachers in the house to assist with homework….

Dee Dee gets help with the housework.

Free (and the best!) grooming for Poochie…

Raynes has unlimited access to visit his great grandmother, Meme.

Although she may not categorize that as a benefit necessarily.

 Meme is so quick to take something away from Raynes that her hands blur.

Aunt Britty can kill two birds with one stone- visiting Meme and cousin playtime.

The crew here showed extra hospitality by welcoming our three children and two dogs (it will be two weeks tomorrow).

Who have clearly made themselves at home as well.