Yesterday I was car less.
Today I was phone less.
Talk about serious adjustment problems.

I have heard that ‘back in the day’ couples would share an automobile- one spouse dropping the other off at work, then using the car for groceries and children. This must have been back when they called them automobiles.  Now we are so used to having private transportation waiting patiently in the driveway, tank full of gasoline, insurance up to date, properly maintained and ready to drive whenever we feel the need. When that automobile needs some maintenance that requires a day stay at the car shop, sending me home car less for a day, it is total with drawl.  It takes some serious finagling to get children picked up from school, to after school activities, and rides back to car dealerships. 
Throw in a shattered iPhone the following day (Otter Box proof, ha!) and I have all but lost my mind. I felt so uneasy and disconnected today, it was hard to remember there was actually a time when we didn’t all have mobile phones that we carried around. I was very much not in touch today, and I have to be honest, it was unnerving.

Oh, we have been out of our house for eights days now; our bedroom looks like a TJ Maxx stock room.

In reality it is all small stuff, which is why I tell that little eye of mine to stop twitching and deal. So what if we have our belongings spread amongst two homes and a storage unit, so what if we have eaten out so much in the last week my children don’t remember what a green vegetable looks like. It’s small stuff, and this too shall pass.


Perhaps, just not quickly enough.