Little Piggy

We are slowly but steadily making our way back into our home. There’s work still to be done and we seem to be easily distracted with Zac Brown, Fast Car and Mason Jar parties, after school activities and the such.

Raynes has a new game where he makes a high pitch squeal like a pig headed to the slaughter. It is the equivalent to finger nails running down a chalk board and I think he knows it drives me crazy. Which is precisely why he continues to make this horrific noise. In the car, in his high chair, anywhere really. It’s fun, let me tell you.

For the past  four days it has rained non stop. The good news is we now have a lake in our back yard. Mike and I have always wanted to live on a lake.

I attempted another DIY project last night (in the midst of a kitchen mess)- priming and painting our kitchen island. I spent much time researching the perfect grey blue paint color before heading up to my nearest Sherwin Williams store about a month ago. When I went to paint it at 9:00 pm last night, it seemed rather dark. Choosing to trust my initial judgement I painted on. Six doors and 3 drawers later, I painted the very last corner piece, of the very last side when suddenly the blue grey color was about 7 shades lighter. The darn paint wasn’t mixed enough.

Guess what I will be doing tonight.