Michael Raynes | 16 months

Happy 16 month birthday lil’ Ginger! These monthly posts seem to come closer and closer together as the months pass. Here we are at 16 months or 69 weeks.

Activities: wrestling, sweeping or touching everything in a room.

Demeanor: Still happy. You have also recently found how to pout with your lower lip and few crocodile tears for good measure. You have a wild sense of adventure and love it when you find ways to make your sisters laugh at you.

Bottle: Your Mama still gives you a bottle 2-3 times a day and I don’t care because you’re my last baby and you love it.

Foods: chicken sausage, cheerios, pizza, strawberries, ice cream, peas, Annies macaroni and cheese and water.

 Mobility: Ha, still toddling all over the place. Sometimes I look at you and think how funny it is that for such a little guy you are able to toddle with a swagger.

Physical Development: Ginger with some blond coming through. You have cut several bottom molars, poor little fellow. You have 10 teeth now. We are doing our part to drive up the price of Tylenol stock. You wear a size 2T in footed PJ’s and are about to graduate into a size 18 months pants, if we can shrink the waist. Your feet, in contrast, are big ol’ square boxes sporting a size 7!

Playtime: You have discovered building blocks and Legos (thanks to your Great Aunt Dee Dee). Lindsey is helping you to cultivate your inner artist when she sent home your first Crayola masterpiece this month.


Love: You love waiting for your friends at the door, while we have been staying in our temporary home. These little hand prints on the window make my heart swell. I know that I will blink and they will be the next pane up, until they disappear altogether.

You have inherited your Mom’s sweet tooth I’m afraid.

You continue to bring excitement, energy, awareness and a gigantic helping of love to our lives each day little Snap!