This & That

We’ve had an unusually busy and hectic week- temporarily relocating to Meme’s house, Grandparents Day, weekday activities, and a very active toddler. Meme welcomed her 4th great grandson this week, Benjamin Grady Campbell.  The great grand boys now outnumber the girls 4 to 3. As for pictures, I have to be honest, my camera has been tucked away in the camera bag for quite some time. I have neglected taking pictures something fierce. It’s not that there isn’t anything exciting to report, but more of a lull in creativity and a reranking of priorities currently.

That being said, here are some ‘older’ pictures from way back when…. last week.

Raynes can address Mike as “Da” clear as day. Still waiting for him to say Ma. When Mike kisses him goodbye in the morning and heads for the door, R quickly yells, “bye bye”.

Maybe one day he will shout out some love to his ol’ Mama.

Until then, he is his Daddy’s boy. Francis junior.