A Birthday for our American Girls

Some of my friends thought me crazy for doing it, but we made our second attempt at the American Girl Doll store for a birthday celebration. This time, for Kenley G’s 7th birthday. Britton’s 7th birthday at AG didn’t end so well.

This time, however, we all got to enjoy the full experience, with the added bonus of celebrating with good friend, and co-birthday neista, Railey.

You wouldn’t know it by looking at them that these two are a year apart in age.

I love my sweet boy but I sure am thankful for my girls– for this very reason. Tea party, dolls and crowns. ‘Nuf said.

Kenley opened Aunt Coco’s birthday gift inside the store which just so happened to be cash. Great timing Aunt Coco!

“Rebecca” now owns a new black and white plaid school dress for $34. The doll’s clothes are nicer than mine apparently.

Decisions have never been Kenley’s strong suit. She needs encouragement and validation before any big purchase.  After some assurance from me, Rebecca the 1914 “lively girl with dramatic flair” came home with us.

Shea, maybe we should have dropped this doll off at the hair salon after all…..

And don’t let her fool you, cucumber cool Britton was thrilled to be at the store with her sister. She packed her doll, Julie, along with Julie’s planned out clothing for the weekend.

See what I mean…..

Britton spent a good 90 minutes at Scott’s Antique Market looking for the perfect vintage ring. She scored.

Happy Birthday sweet girls!