Birthday Smirthday

Living in a construction zone may be finally taking its toll on me. Just when I think I have things “together” (whatever that means) I realize that is anything but true.

Take yesterday for instance. I was to host a baby shower in the morning, and attend a funeral for a dear friend’s mother in the afternoon. This meant I would be gone for the majority of the day once I left the house. No problem- plan ahead, things are under control, it’s really not a big deal.

I make it through the majority of the day unscathed and head to the Mexican restaurant with all the kiddos, Mike, and Shea and her crew for dinner. Just as they bring our meal my phone rings- Kenley answers it. She hands the phone to me. It’s the bakery wondering if I was going to pick up the birthday cake for Kenley I had pre ordered (see, I did plan). I looked at my watch and it was 5:55 pm. I asked when they closed to which they responded, “In five minutes.”

Awesome parenting.

I leave my hot chicken quesedilla on the table, jump in my car (thankfully I have my Yukon again) and get the birthday cake. Just as I am finishing nlyy now cold quesedilla, the wait staff comes out clapping, singing, and carrying a birthday cake. I say to Shea, “I wonder whose birthday it is?”

They come to our table- for Kenley. Shea, the Godmother, told the restaurant it was Kenely’s birthday. Garrett, the mother, had forgetting.

Awesome parenting, strike two.

By now Raynes is eating fallen chips off the restaurant floor and might have had his hand reaching onto a stranger’s entree when I scooped him up- it was time to head out.

We get home, put children in bed (well, it wasn’t quite that swift a process) when two hours later Shea reminded me that the cake is still in my car.


I’ll stop while I am ahead. Needless to say, today is Kenley’s actual birthday and she did wake up to wrapper gifts and warm Sister Shubart cinnamon rolls on the birthday plate.  Oh, and the tooth fairy remembered to fly in on her 7th birthday to leave money for her 7th tooth.

It’s the never ending birthday. Doughnuts Friday at school, singing last night, family party tonight, and a special trip next weekend. It’s no wonder I thought I was turning 35 this month (I am actually turning 36)- ‘ain’t nobody got time for that.’

The good news is the shower was lovely and I was able to spend time with some of my closest friends from highschool- even if I did forget her impending birthday.


From baby showers to funerals- yesterday was a reminder of the full circle of life.