Flower Arranging for Dummies

Arranging flowers is an enigma to me. Drawing, decorating, sewing and photography- all that seems easy to me because I can see the finished product in my head.

Doing my part to raise some well rounded girls.

Hand me a silver revere bowl, and I have not idea how to make a table arrangement let only which flowers I would use to accomplish this.

Insert official garden club member and entertainer extraordinaire Sassy to help.


Britton and her friend (both avid crafters) were able to attending Sassy’s flower workshop as well. With the azaleas in full bloom in the South, every one should know a thing or two about arranging flowers and it was I time I did too.

 Finished product

More arrangements that ‘Flowers by Sassy’ created

Here’s what I learned:

1. Always have oasis and sheers. Some oasis is intended for silk flowers others for real flowers. Make sure you have plenty of oasis at your house for the water. Be sure to soak it in water the night before you plan to arrange.

2. Arrangements using oasis are easier than flowers in a vase or bowl that can move around easily.

3. This means you need to have a low porcelain bowl- the transparency of crystal shows the green oasis. Apparently this is tacky and a no-no.

4. When choosing flowers, stick to a color theme. Kind of like an outfit or room.

5. Choose bigger blooms first which will help fill the space- such as hydrangeas.

6. You can never have/buy enough flowers. But you can easily run out. (just like accessories!)

My mom did the arrangements for me, but I must say, I feel a bit more like an adult now that I know a thing or two about how to tackle such a project moving forward.