Michael Raynes | 17 months

Weight: 26 lbs

Here we are at 17 months. I’ve always liked to round things off- so let’s just say 1 1/2, shall we? Or to make my forever baby stay young, I can keep him at age 1. I think I prefer that.

New Developments: He can wave hello and attempt to say this as well.  When I am talking to his Daddy on speaker phone R says “Da? Da?” in the foreground. Best of all, the boy now watches television for a solid 5 minutes. Praise Jesus!

Physical Developments: Haircuts are becoming a regular thing with two under his belt now. Thanks to Daddy for taking him most recently while they bonded last weekend. Once a Ging, always a Ging.
Your shoe size is a 6, pants 18 months and shirts a 2T. I am working diligently on (okay, eventually) dressing you more like a “little boy” (per your Daddy’s instructions) knowing that the many monogrammed Jon Jons and matching turtlenecks will soon be a thing of the past. I cannot part with your Livie and Luca shoes elephant just yet.

New Words: Hot, Boo, Cheese, Hi

Games: Peek a Boo only he does it to me now. Wrestling (it must be a built in boy gene) and chase.

Health: Looking on the bright side, you have started to build up your immune system with strep throat last month, and a fun little bug this month causing you to take a third round of antibiotics in a short period of time.  Shh, don’t tell your holistic Sassy.

Bath time: Still a favorite and thankfully your mom got creative and rounded up some bath toys for you since the full of water plastic cups finds it way outside the tub each night.

Independence: You are growing in this area. We have learned the hard way not to keep the courtyard gate open. Let’s just say we will need to use the Pooper Scooper (is this actually a proper noun?) in the backyard more frequently now.

Demeanor: Happy go lucky with a bit of spunk mixed in for good measure. Little to no crying with a high curiousness level.

Foods: It is official, I will go ahead and admit defeat now. You are a picky eater.  I am embarrassed to even mention the limited number and types of food you will eat, none of which are green in color.

Coming back inside the gates- wondering why  his  parents were less than thrilled with the treat I brought them?

Sleep: Thankfully you continue to keep up your high batting average in the sleeping department.

I can’t help but remember 17 months as the age that Kenley was when she had her open heart surgery. How nice it is having an uneventful yet full of life 17 months with this little guy. He has indeed captured our whole hearts.

Even if he is a little snotty.

A Birthday for our American Girls

Some of my friends thought me crazy for doing it, but we made our second attempt at the American Girl Doll store for a birthday celebration. This time, for Kenley G’s 7th birthday. Britton’s 7th birthday at AG didn’t end so well.

This time, however, we all got to enjoy the full experience, with the added bonus of celebrating with good friend, and co-birthday neista, Railey.

You wouldn’t know it by looking at them that these two are a year apart in age.

I love my sweet boy but I sure am thankful for my girls– for this very reason. Tea party, dolls and crowns. ‘Nuf said.

Kenley opened Aunt Coco’s birthday gift inside the store which just so happened to be cash. Great timing Aunt Coco!

“Rebecca” now owns a new black and white plaid school dress for $34. The doll’s clothes are nicer than mine apparently.

Decisions have never been Kenley’s strong suit. She needs encouragement and validation before any big purchase.  After some assurance from me, Rebecca the 1914 “lively girl with dramatic flair” came home with us.

Shea, maybe we should have dropped this doll off at the hair salon after all…..

And don’t let her fool you, cucumber cool Britton was thrilled to be at the store with her sister. She packed her doll, Julie, along with Julie’s planned out clothing for the weekend.

See what I mean…..

Britton spent a good 90 minutes at Scott’s Antique Market looking for the perfect vintage ring. She scored.

Happy Birthday sweet girls!

Down with Downing

One thing is for sure- I love taking photos of precious children. It doesn’t hurt when they have beautiful blue eyes like Downing (my Godson) and require little to none post-editing. I even got a hug- which made the drive to Atlanta so worth it.

Kenley. An ‘ism.

The girls and I went on a road trip this weekend to celebrate Kenley’s 7th birthday. More on that later.
Before I forget:

While driving home this afternoon, we were listening to a Journey song on the radio. I was on vocals, Kenley the piano and Britton the guitar. I explained to the girls that the song, ‘Don’t stop beliving’ came out in 1981 when I was 4 years old.


The piano player looked up at me and asked, “is the singer dead now?”

1981. How old does she think I am?

Kitchen | Work in Progress

It’s been a long 5 weeks, but today we see the tiny light that was at the end of the long tunnel all along.

Week 2

Move out day

Week 3 – Refinishing and staining floors

A DIY project along the way- gray blue island and refinished island pine top

Week 4 – topless style

Doing dishes in the laundry room proved to be oh so disappointing

Week 5- Back splash laid and counter tops installed

Looks like it is back to cooking after quite a sabbatical- and for once I am looking forward to it.


                      Beverage center