Rounding Numbers

My BF Courtney makes fun me of for always rounding up my age. When I was 12 years and 1 month, I would tell people I am almost 13. When I had just written the last thank you letter for gifts from my 15th birthday, I would tell you that I will be 16 “soon.”  Now that I am 36, historically anything over 5 gets rounded up to the nearest tenth in my book.  Does that make me closer to 40 than 30 now? I beg to differ.
I received the following gifts from three different people: workout clothes (Dee Dee), running shoes (Mike) and an armband for my iPhone when running (Mom). Are y’all trying to tell me something? At least it wasn’t wrinkle cream I suppose.

Celebrations now include babies, instead of beer.
Chaos instead of karaoke.
And early bed times in place of a late night.

Best birthday yet.

 Photograph courtesy of Kenley

I love to defy my sister when she tells me Allie Boone cannot have any sweets- even if it is The Cake Shop cake. Eat your heart out AB (and take that little sister)!

Our favorite fluffy nephew who has finally decided to crawl, downward dog style.

Birthday present from Raynes: Learned to climb. Oh joy. I found him standing on the kitchen table the other day.

Sweet Courtney sent me flowers for my big day- talking about raising the bar. I cannot remember the last time my doorbell rang with flowers on the other side and I am pretty sure it was from a relative.

Love it when these two get in my kitchen to clean- they are the dynamic duo with a dishwasher and rag.

According to my calculations, next year at this time I will be climbing towards 50.


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