A Hi & Bye

I read a new blogging term recently- dump and go (well, it was probably more appropriate than that but you get the jist). This is when you dump your photos, don’t write, then hit “publish.” In other words, you are slack because you have a bunch of kids, haven’t showered, and are trying to find if there is anything besides stale bread in your pantry that you can cook for dinner tonight, after being gone all weekend.

This happens often, and today is no exception. The girls enjoyed their Taylor Swift concert in Atlanta, Mike and I celebrated our twelve year wedding anniversary (worth celebrating!) and here we are at Monday again.

 I love that the auto spell checks thinks the word “Muffy” is spelled incorrectly. 

All the fairy Godmothers gathered Friday afternoon making it an all around good day. Aunt Muffy was in from the west coast with Hanley in tote… I think my favorite line of the weekend was when Mike told Mary Heather (aka Aunt Muffy- self nicknamed) that he was an easy going baby. She responded with, “I know. I don’t deserve it.”

Almost 3 year old Maysie enjoyed playing babysitter to the little boys.

And we did our Bay North photo, compliments of our photographer Britton.

Washington native Hanley- 8 months

Now, not to be rude, but I have girls about to arrive at a bus stop, and cans of spaghetti O’s to open for dinner so… more later.