Chores and Such

It’s often a bit tricky for me to choose the appropriate chores for my children’s ages that teaches responsibility and common sense while instilling a sense of community and work ethic at an early age.  Since they attend a secular school, I am also fully responsible for ensuring that God isn’t stashed away for Sundays.

Responsibility- feeding pets, homework, keeping up with your things, and packing back packs for school
Common sense – brushing your teeth, washing your hair, hanging up your wet towel, putting small objects away
Work Ethic- watering the plants, cleaning the bathroom counters, getting the mail
Community- hauling up the family trash cans from the driveway, unloading the family’s dishes from the dishwasher, setting the table, helping me with their brother
Faith- memorizing weekly scriptures

Watering plants… finally, without a reminder.

I’m never sure at what age they should be doing what. It’s often trial and error but what I have found is, more times than not, they are capable of much more than I give them credit for. Imagine that. My 9 year old can help me prepare dinner and my 7 year old can haul up two, large recycling bins from the driveway. How did I not know this earlier? Little light bulb moments I suppose.

My hope is that all these now annoying, check them off as you do them tasks, will aid these girls in growing up to be young women who are responsible, have good common sense, a strong work ethic, a sense of community and ability to lean upon and trust The Word as they go out into the world.