Le Kens

Growing up, I was more of a flash card using, study in advance kind of student. Books were read on an as-needed basis, meaning only if required. Anyone that has ever stumbled upon this blog knows this given all my spelling errors.  ‘For fun’ activities, for me, were riding bikes, making magazine collages, and talking on the phone.  Reading all day and night was the exact opposite.

This is the epitome of Kenley- book, food, hand sanitizer and water. 

Kenley couldn’t be more different. School comes easy for her. A little too easy sometimes. Her attentive and wonderful teacher supplements her work at school as sends home projects and worksheets for us to do as well. When I say us, it’s really her as she typically finishes her homework while on the 8 minute bus ride home, and breezes through her ‘2nd grade workbook’ pages as if making a mockery of my selections.

I’m trying to take full advantage of this “sponge” time in her life- when learning is fun and she has a true thirst for it. It’s a good thing I have a decent personality because intellect I do not.  These are such strange waters for me to be navigating- laughable really. I should call upon her Aunt Muffy who scored something like a 1300 on the SAT or my friend Alex who took all Advanced Placement courses in high school before moving onto Vanderbilt University for her Master’s Degree.  Auntie Anna would be a good one too- with her medical degree framed in her pediatric practice.

I am half kidding, but half serious. I feel a bit of pressure not to drop the ball on this. To be perfectly honest, I’ve thought about homeschooling her. Mainly because I could introduce her to different subjects (art history, Latin  french, literature,  bible study, hands on science)  that most schools aren’t able to provide given the limited amount of hours in the day and large number of students in the classroom.  With three kids, trying to work from home, and being a self-proclaimed Type A I know my limits. That doesn’t mean I don’t think about it often.

Art lessons in the driveway

For the time being, this gal is happy with her “extra work”, loves her teacher and school friends, and I supplement where I can. I can’t be a great parent in all areas, so I’ll continue to plug along and hope for the best when it comes to their little BIG brains.