Made In America Research

After months and months of waking up at 5:30 am 6 days a week to work on a new family business venture- I am excited to say that is has officially launched.  My step dad has been a small (and large) business owner for over 30 years and came up with the idea to help other small US manufactures in this difficult economy of foreign competition.  Thus, Made in America Research was born. Made in America Research  sells market research, integrated sales and marketing plans, a Made in USA labeling solution and targeted advertising.

If each of us reduced our imported purchases by $2,400 each year and increased our Made in USA purchases by $2,400 annually, we could create 7,000,000 new jobs (while reducing both the trade deficit and unemployment rate). He has created a free website Made in America Secrets for us, the consumer, educating on the benefits of buying Made in America products. Sometimes it is hard to find products that are Made in the USA and this website, Made in America Secrets, provides a search engine for all product types that are Made in America. Each business website listed has been checked to ensure that the products are, in fact, made in America. 
As a small business, sometimes it is difficult to know how to make Made in USA labeling claims (the size of the label, the location of the label, etc), which is why he came up with a solution for that as well – Made in USA content. This website provides a tool which uses an  algorithm and corresponding Country of Origin to help manufactures confidently make their ‘Made in America’ claims. 

 If you, or someone you know, is a small business owner it is worth your while to check it out.