The Big Apple (and apparently A Big Book)

Each of us, Mom, Sara Britton, and myself, had our one carry on and one checked suitcase packed and ready. We arrived in the Big Apple for five days of care free, no schedule, no work fun.

Trying to lighten my load at the security gate, I opted to leave my DSLR camera at home. Big mistake. Huge. It was like being at the beach without your bathing suit. Lesson learned- next time camera is coming with me. iPhone photos it was.

 Yes, there was some bickering with my has to be in control little sister, but this outweighed our childish tifts.

As we were walking down 5th Avenue to the Met, we opted instead to take a 20 minute carriage ride around Central Park.

It was hard getting these two to rally in the mornings.  Starbucks to the rescue.

Central Park.

For the past year or so, Mom has been writing a memoir. She is almost complete with the first draft and has “pitched” it to twelve book agents. Agents are the ones who will try to get her book auctioned to publishing houses (she is already working with an editor to complete the editing process). Eleven out of twelve publishers have requested “queries” (pages) of her manuscript. That’s pretty darn impressive! I must admit, I am a bit scared what may be within those pages about yours truly, but it must be pretty darn good to have already captivated so many of those folks in the books business.

Sassy picking up her registration packet at her NYC writers conference.

It was 1998 when the three of us last took a trip together- at the time we traveled to Europe (France, England, Italy, Germany). It was intended to be a “healing trip” orchestrated by my Mom, several months after my Dad passed away. Unfortunately  it was a trip filled with grief, loss, and the inability to accept the fact that we now needed a table for three.  The trip this weekend, was just what Mom had tried to do 15 years ago. A we-have-no-plans, five star, shows, no tears, fun, can do anything kind of trip she had envisioned. Bravo, Sassy! Daddy Boone much preferred seeing us enjoying this voyage!