The Milkshake

In our traditional TGIF kind of way, I drove my girls through Chick-fil-A after school for a little afternoon milkshake delight. When your Mom makes you eat cheese, apples and cuties for snacking this is definitely a treat.

One the short car ride home, one of my children was acting “snarly” toward everyone.  This behavior continued until I finally said, “That’s it! You only get half your milk shake when we get home.”   We rode in silence the rest of the way. Once home, I went inside to divvy up the frozen dessert thinking to myself maybe next time she will think about her choices… 

Only the cookies and cream milkshake fell off the counter and went  splat onto everything.

It managed to hit two walls, 5 cabinets, a sink, dishwasher, rug, floor, baseboards and island. How can these things hit such a wide and far area?

Apparently that was the straw that broke my little camel’s back.
Immediately the undisclosed daughter became upset and I knew something else must have happened while she was at school today to get her to a) snap at her sister and me like that b) upset her so.

After a long talk and some hugs, turns out it wasn’t the milkshake at all. She opened up to me about what was on her mind and in her heart.

I wonder though, if that messy milkshake had not fallen and splattered all over my kitchen, would she have even mentioned it to me? That big ol’ mess of milkshake opened up her heart and my arms and for that I am thankful.