A Memorable Memorial Weekend

A Memorable Memorial weekend, much like in years past, with beach, boats and bikinis.  I often wonder if, in fact, my girls are part mermaid.

Cookout at Sassy’s

Typical- camera gear, iPhone…. and vodka tonic.

Kenley lost her 7th tooth and the Tooth Fairy was kind enough to scrounge up some half dollars and a fairy puzzle. I bet the Tooth Fairy is happy when she has gifts on hand.

Allie Boone made a red, white and blue bikini debut, much to her Father’s chagrin.

Cue the Daddy’s eye roll….

While the other Daddy took a minute to watch from afar- can’t say that I blame him.

Because this is what was happening at the other end of the salt water pool…

Good thing there was a life guard on duty.

This may be my favorite picture of Whitty J to date, with his built in flotation rolls.

And if you were ever wondering what it is like to have two babies within 17 months… here you go. This is what craziness looks like.

Goodbye Memorial Weekend- until next year….


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