When a Hat Goes Missing

Some days I feel like my Mom Hat gets blown off. Between juggling all the things, people, and responsibilities that I have- it’s no surprise that occasionally the Mom Hat just falls right on off. Next thing I know, I don’t know nothing.  

Yesterday I shopped for Mother’s Day (and Grandmother) gifts. The Daughter Hat.
Last night Mike and I had ‘date night.’  The Wife Hat.
Fridays are the day I pay bills.  The All Business Girl Hat

I made it to Kenley’s Mother’s Day Tea– and I think I have a Fairy Tale Know Down in about one hour. Unfortunately  little brother is asleep, I am in a pathetic excuse for clothes, and we still have to go to the grocery store to get the gumdrops that I forgot when I was walking around hatless yesterday.

Thank goodness for those mom friends you can call, who always know what is going on- because they somehow manage to always keep their Mom Hat attached. Perhaps they have an elastic tie that I should be wearing. These Moms are great friends to have, among other reasons.

I best jump off this computer and go find that hat of mine- because I believe we have some type of dance recital this evening….