So it’s not just me that noticed.
Raynes has always shown exceptional interest in a photograph of my father that hangs outside his nursery door. One of the only photo’s of my Dad where he wasn’t wearing either a business suit or camouflage  He is sitting on a large rock out in beautiful Wyoming wearing pressed blue jeans and a real smile (not the Kuersteiner glued grin that Kenley inherited). 
Raynes often points to this 8 x 10 photograph when we walk past it (ignoring the 15 other family photographs hangs on the adjoining wall). I wondered if this was partially because, in my mind, I wanted him to notice ‘Daddy Boone’ keeping watch outside his bedroom. I know and believe that he watches over my three children. Just last Sunday, while Raynes was in knee deep water at the beach we had a scare – my Dad was on watch though so thankfully it was only that- a terrible make your heart skip scare.  Keeping my Dad’s memory alive for my children is important to me.
Yesterday Mike made the comment to me, “Wow, Raynes sure does like that picture of your Dad hanging on the wall” and I immediately knew what he was talking about.
While I was at Craft Night last night {working on Mike’s Father’s Day gift- more later} Raynes was with his Daddy and, once again, pointed to my Dad’s picture saying “Da?”  Mike tested him by walking from photograph to photograph until they reached my Dads- and what do you know? That’s the one he repeatedly pointed to and said “Da.”
Smiling, Mike said to me “maybe he is your Dad reincarnated?”

I caught Raynes mopping  the floor with his stick horse recently, perhaps he really is.


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