Hip Hop, You Don’t Stop

As I mentioned, Britton’s dance recital was on Mother’s Day weekend. The last time B took a dance class she was barely 5 years old. I had enrolled her in a Saturday morning ballet class- at the same studio I took dance when I was her age. She despised it at the time. I had to drag, bribe and push her into the dance studio every Saturday morning. That is, until she saw a hip hip performance at Kenley’s recital last year. Her heart skipped a beat at the shiny fluorescent sparkly Lycra and loud, beating music– and she just knew. Hip Hop was for her.

The final bow- fifth from the left.

I didn’t have time to get her store bought flowers so I clipped some from the yard- knockout roses, oak leaf hydrangeas, asparagus ferns, gardenias and jasmine. I was a little worried that she would be embarassed by her ‘home grown’ flower arrangement. She’s such a sweet kid, as we were driving home after the performance she told me that she really liked her arrangement the best because she was the only one with flowers from someone’s yard.  I sometimes forget that my little Harold still loves that purple crayon.

Well, her heart may have melted the first time she saw that Hip Hop recital  that is until she saw ballerinas dancing with point shoes, and she has her eyes on ballet for next year.