I’ve heard it said that opposites attract. Such is the case with my Meme and Mazelle. Mazelle went to work for my grandparents over 65 years ago.  At 26 years of age, she was a young thing. Meme only a few years behind at age 23.

Mazelle raised my mom and her two sisters. Literally. She did the loving, disciplining, cooking, teaching, preaching, cleaning, and potty training.

She has been at the preschool and high school graduations of my mom and aunts, scolded them when they partied too much in college, was sitting with the family at all of their weddings, holding them in her arms and in her heart. One generation later, she is still bathing babies giving all of their babies a ‘first bath’ at home.

We now have a third generation, and while Mazelle is enjoying the slower pace of life these days  she still does the loving and teaching with all of her newest babies.

R loves him some Mazelle.

Exhibit 2


There’s that new ‘cheesseee’ smile again. Thank you Allie Boone.

Baby ben was none too happy at Meme’s house and was handed off to the Original Baby Whisperer.. and whoila.

Ben at 3 months

Now a days, someone drives the 210 miles roundtrip to bring Mazelle home so she can spend time with Meme and the rest of the family. They are best friends and have been for decades. I cannot imagine having a best friend for 65 years- talk about knowing when to call your bluff! It’s so funny to listen to this two tell a story about the good ol’ days (Meme’s recollection of potty training my aunt – or lack thereof, versus Mazelle’s hands on training in this department). The facts typically don’t align and I love to watch Mazelle roll her eyes as Meme tells her recollection. I stopped by on Mother’s Day and my 87 year-old Meme was downstairs in the kitchen cooking Mazelle pancakes for breakfast. True love.

That being said, you wouldn’t always knows it. Half olf the time Meme stays in her room watching golf tournaments or tennis matches, while Mazelle naps or reads in another.

I asked my Mom why Meme does that when Mazelle is here, and Mom said, “when you’ve been friends as long as they have you don’t have to make small talk anymore.”

Ain’t it the truth?